MightyMind® shows children how to solve and build complex jigsaw puzzles, even if they've never constructed a puzzle before. Starting with the simple concept of manipulating two wood or plastic half circles, the child builds a full circle. Then by following a logical numerically programmed sequence of patterns, the child learns how to manipulate 32 geometric shapes to build pictures of increasing complexity. Many children who had never completed a jigsaw, were able to construct 64 piece puzzles after playing with MightyMind™.

Kids learn by following the path...

2 Half Circles
2 Triangles
1 Large Square
2 Small Diamonds
1 Half Circle
1 Small Circle
1 Half Circle
4 Small Squares
1 Large Square
2 Diamonds
2 Small Circles
1 Small Square
1 Rectangle
The child learns how to select the right shapes to compose this picture

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